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Each week, Jerry Schemmel interviews different personalities from the world of sports including athletes, coaches and broadcasters who have incredible stories of inspiration.
October 16, 2021

Amazing Americans- Robert Paylor- 10/16/2021

He was one of America's very best college Rugby players when he was completely paralyzed in the national championship match and told he would never walk again. He didn't listen. Robert Paylor is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See for privacy in...   (39:51)
October 9, 2021

Amazing Americans- Jeremiah Galyon- 10/09/2021

He was an extremely successful ultra distance runner until a massive heart attack appeared to take his life, but when they went to pull the plug he was still functioning. Now, he is running again. Jeremiah Galyon is this week's guest on Amazing Americans. See   (39:52)
October 2, 2021

Amazing Americans- George Karl- 10/02/2021

He has almost 1,200 NBA coaching wins, but perhaps most impressive is his 3-0 record against cancer. George Karl is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (39:20)
September 25, 2021

Amazing Americans- Gene Caffrey- 09/25/2021

After being diagnosed with MS, he is doing something extraordinary for other MS victims. Gene Caffrey is this week's guest on Amazing Americans....   (39:51)
September 18, 2021

Amazing Americans- Drew Beckie- 09/18/2021

He's a professional soccer player who had his career interrupted - with a massive heart attack. Drew Beckie tells his incredible story of survival - and comeback - as this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:56)
September 11, 2021

Amazing Americans- Tyler Hamilton- 09/11/2021

Like so many other riders, he was caught in professional cycling's doping scandal. Now he is spending the rest of his life paying for his cycling sins. Tyler Hamilton is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:53)
September 4, 2021

Amazing Americans- Nancy Guth- 09/04/2021

To help deal with the grief from the death of her teenage son, she took up cycling and then became the greatest American female masters cyclist in history. The incredibly brave and inspiring Nancy Guth is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See for ...   (40:28)
August 28, 2021

Amazing Americans- Steve Heidenreich- 08/28/2021

He was one of the top middle distance runners in the country - a great bet to make the U.S . Olympic team until his life was forever changed by a hit and run driver. Steve Heidenreich is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See for privacy informatio...   (40:29)
August 21, 2021

Amazing Americans- Jennifer Strong- 08/21/2021

On a whim, she walked on to her college rowing team. And then became one of the most multi-faceted and successful endurance athletes in the world. Jennifer Strong is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:26)
August 14, 2021

Amazing Americans- Jordan Romero- 08/14/2021

It's an impressive feat to climb Mt. Everest, but it's extraordinary to do at age 13. Jordan Romero is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:26)
August 7, 2021

Amazing Americans- Jeremy Poincenot- 08/07/2021

At the age of 20, he went from 20/20 vision to being legally blind. But two years after that, he became a world champion golfer.  Jeremy Poincenot is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:26)
July 31, 2021

Amazing Americans- Mickey Kor- 07/31/2021

He is considered the greatest fan in the history of Purdue University Basketball. He's also a Holocaust survivor. Mickey Kor's story, as told by his son, is featured this week on Amazing Americans.    (41:28)
July 24, 2021

Amazing Americans- Eric Newsholme- 07/24/2021

After failing twice attempting to finish the Race Across America, he made it on his third attempt and made cycling history. Colorado resident Eric Newsholme is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:26)
July 17, 2021

Amazing Americans - Mark Pattison - 07/17/2021

After his career in the NFL, he decided not to live the typical retired life. Instead, he became a mountain climber. And one of the best in the world. Mark Pattison is Jerry Schemmel's guest this week on Amazing Americans.   (40:58)
July 10, 2021

Amazing Americans- Katherine Switzer- 07/10/2021

Despite the race director attacking her on the course, she completed the race, becoming the first woman to officially finish the Boston Marathon. And opened the door for millions of female runners. Katherine Switzer is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See   (39:54)
July 3, 2021

Amazing Americans- Bob Babbitt- 07/03/2021

As a world class triathlete in the 1980's, he treasured the thrill of competing in the sport and is now spending the rest of his life helping the physically challenged do the same thing. Bob Babbitt is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See for pri...   (39:56)
June 26, 2021

Amazing Americans- Justin Wren- 06/26/2021

He became a star as an MMA and UFC fighter. But after a six year battle with substance abuse, he found his purpose in one of the poorest countries in the world. Justin Wren is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:26)
June 19, 2021

Amazing Americans- Frank Shorter- 06/19/2021

What has always been known is that he is one of America's greatest distance runners. But what hasn't been known, until now, is the dark childhood at the hands of a brutally abusive father. Frank Shorter is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See for...   (40:26)
June 12, 2021

Amazing Americans- Kyle and Brent Pease- 06/12/2021

It is the ultimate story of brotherly love. One brother is completely disabled, but the two of them together are athletic champions. Kyle & Brent Pease are this week's guests on Amazing Americans.    (40:24)
June 5, 2021

Amazing Americans- Katie Spotz- 06/05/2021

11 years ago, she rowed her boat, solo, across the Atlantic Ocean. And she was just 19 years old. Katie Spotz is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:25)
May 29, 2021

Amazing Americans- Reza Zeday- 05/29/2021

He was born in Iran to Muslim parents, but his incredible journey has taken him to college football player, to team Chaplain for the Denver Broncos. Reza Zeday is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:27)
May 22, 2021

Amazing Americans- Tori McClure- 05/22/2021

She is the first American to row a boat solo across the Atlantic Ocean and today she is a University President. The incredible Tori McClure is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:25)
May 15, 2021

Amazing Americans- Darren Miller- 05/15/2021

He is one of the greatest endurance swimmers in American history. And every event, every stroke, is done for sick children. Darren Miller is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:26)
May 8, 2021

Amazing Americans- Bob Chillemi- 05/08/2021

When his star athlete son passed away from substance abuse, he dedicated his life to keeping others from the same fate. Bob Chillemi is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:25)
May 1, 2021

Amazing Americans- Rebecca Rusch- 05/01/2021

She is considered the greatest female endurance athlete in American history, but perhaps her greatest accomplishment is finding her father's burial site in Vietnam. Rebecca Rusch is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:24)
April 24, 2021

Amazing Americans- Janni Kouri- 04/24/2021

A diving accident paralyzed him - but wouldn't stop him from maneuvering his wheelchair across the United States. Former All American football player Janni Kouri is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:26)
April 17, 2021

Amazing Americans- Willie Stewart- 04/17/2021

He lost his arm in an accident as a teenager, but it never stopped him from becoming one of this county's best endurance athletes. Willie Stewart is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (39:59)
April 10, 2021

Amazing Americans- Craig Impleman (for John Wooden)- 04/10/2021

He is generally considered the greatest basketball coach in American history. No coach has even come close to his 10 National Championships. But perhaps his greatest legacy is the impact he has on people. The legendary John Wooden is the subject of this week's Amazing Americans, ...   (39:56)
April 3, 2021

Amazing Americans- Meb Keflezigi- 04/03/2021

He went from African refugee, to American citizen, to Boston Marathon Champion. Meb Keflezigi is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (39:55)
March 27, 2021

Amazing Americans- Bill Hancock- 03/27/2021

After his son died in a plane crash, he got on his bicycle and made some incredible discoveries. The Executive Director of the College Football Playoff, Bill Hancock, is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:56)
March 20, 2021

Amazing Americans- Mike Cohen- 03/20/2021

A heart transplant recipient, he road his bicycle all the way across America to meet the mother of the man whose heart saved his life. Mike Cohen is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:26)
March 13, 2021

Amazing Americans- Marko Cheseto- 03/13/2021

After being lost in a blizzard for two days, he lost both feet from frostbite. But it never stopped him from becoming a champion marathoner. Marko Cheseto is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:57)
March 6, 2021

Amazing Americans- Chad Hennings- 03/06/2021

He went from college football All-American, to war hero, to NFL Star. Chad Hennings is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:55)
February 27, 2021

Amazing Americans- Rudy Garcia Tolson- 02/27/2021

He had 15 surgeries by the time he was five years old. The 16th amputated both legs above the knee. He then became one the greatest athletes in Paralympic history. Rudy Garcia Tolson is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:57)
February 20, 2021

Amazing Americans- Brandon Stokley- 02/20/2021

He overcame tremendous odds to play 15 years in the NFL, but what he has overcome off the field in his life might be even more impressive. The Fan's own Brandon Stokley is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:56)
February 13, 2021

Amazing Americans- Soctt Nydam- 02/13/2021

When a former pro cyclist realized there were no bike shops in the entire Navajo Nation, he did something about it in an extraordinary way. Scott Nydam is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:53)
February 6, 2021

Amazing Americans- Matt Russell- 02/06/2021

It started with a couple beers on the road, as an NFL scout, to pass the time. But it turned into raging alcoholism. And after a night, seven years ago, when he nearly lost everything, his life has completely changed. Former college football star and former Denver Broncos Directo...   (40:56)
January 30, 2021

Amazing Americans- Roderick Sewell- 01/30/2021

He overcame homelessness and a double-leg amputation to become a swimming and triathlon record holder. Roderick Sewell is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (47:58)
January 23, 2021

Amazing Americans- Tom Byrum- 01/23/2021

Nearly every professional golfer grows up in warm weather, on country clubs and with swing coaches. But he grew up in a cold climate, on a 9 hole public course that he mowed himself... with sand greens. PGA golfer Tom Byrum is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See omnyst...   (46:57)
January 16, 2021

Amazing Americans- Eric Mancer and Matt Smith- 01/16/2021

He set a world record in the Ironman Triathlon for a visually impaired competitor and he says it was impossible without his incredible guide. Eric Mancer and Matt Smith are this week's guests on Amazing Americans.   (47:58)
January 9, 2021

Amazing Americans- John Howard- 01/09/2021

When we consider the greatest athletes in American history, we might be wise to include a certain 73-year-old, record-setting cyclist and triathlete. John Howard is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:56)
January 2, 2021

Amazing Americans- Kathrine Switzer- 01/02/2021

Despite being physically attacked on the course by the race director, she went on to become the first female to officially finish the Boston Marathon and opened the running door for millions of other women. Kathrine Switzer is this week's guest on Amazing Americans. See omnystud...   (40:58)
December 26, 2020

Amazing Americans- Bill Burke- 12/26/2020

He decided he was going to be adventurous in retirement. But nobody expected him to climb Mt. Everest. Not at age 78. Bill Burke is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (40:57)
December 17, 2020

Amazing Americans- Ryan Ledger- 12/19/2020

A former college football player and track star, he lost a son, born premature, at just 33 days old. And what he has done since then, for parents going through the same thing, is truly remarkable. Ryan Ledger is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See   (40:56)
December 12, 2020

Amazing Americans- Orlando Franklin- 12/12/2020

He overcame a dark and extremely troubled youth, including being homeless and incarcerated, to become an NFL star. Orlando Franklin tells his almost impossible story this week on Amazing Americans.   (40:55)
December 5, 2020

Amazing Americans- Phil Sutherland- 12/05/2020

When he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, he was told he would not live past his mid 20's. He not only did that but formed a pro cycling team made up entirely of Type 1 diabetics and they are rocking the cycling world! The remarkable Phil Sutherland is this week's guest on Amaz...   (40:55)
November 28, 2020

Amazing Americans- Bob Babbitt- 11/28/2020

He found a passion for the sport of triathlon - and became a world class triathlete.  Then he dedicated the rest of his life to helping challenged athletes find that same passion. Bob Babbitt is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.  See for privacy i...   (40:36)
November 21, 2020

Amazing Americans- Bryan Sederwall- 11/21/2020

He was a college basketball player and coach. But he gave up the sport to move to the most dangerous places in America, to give hope to the absolute hopeless. Bryan Sederwall is this week's guest on Amazing Americans   (41:26)
November 14, 2020

Amazing Americans- Brendan Tuohey- 11/14/2020

He was willing to go to the most dangerous places in the world. And use the sport of basketball to bring people together. Brendan Tuohey is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (40:56)
November 7, 2020

Amazing Americans- Matt Vossler- 11/07/2020

When his childhood buddy got cancer and then had a leg amputated, this man refused to sit back and do nothing. He decided to swim. After $85 million raised and donated to cancer research, he's still at it. And has inspired thousands of others to join him!! Matt Vossler is this w...   (41:07)
October 31, 2020

Amazing Americans- Kim Hess- 10/31/2020

What started as a dare from her brother turned into one of the greatest accomplishments in mountain climbing history. And she's not done yet! The remarkable Kim Hess is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.    (39:54)
October 24, 2020

Amazing Americans- Tyler Polumbus- 10/24/2020

His mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer when he was still playing in the NFL. After given six months to live, she fought a six YEAR battle with the disease. And after she passed away last spring, he did something extraordinary in her honor.  On his bicycle! Former NFL Off...   (34:39)
October 17, 2020

Amazing Americans- Sika Henry- 10/17/2020

She was one of America's most exciting and charismatic young triathletes, until she suffered a near fatal accident during a race. She was all ready to retire. Until she thought about all those African American children. The incredibly resilient and inspiring Sika Henry is this we...   (40:21)
October 12, 2020

Amazing Americans- Justin Wren- 10/10/2020

He found tremendous success as an MMA and UFC heavyweight fighter, but after a six year battle with substance abuse, he found his purpose in a highly remote African village, empowering some of the most forgotten people in the world. The remarkable Justin Wren is the guest on this...   (40:07)
October 3, 2020

Amazing Americans- Frank Shorter- 10/03/2020

We know him as one of the greatest distance runners in American history. His marathon win at the 1972 Olympics in Munich remains one of the greatest triumphs in U.S. Olympic history, but what so many don't know about him is the dark, nightmarish childhood he endured at the hands ...   (40:19)
September 26, 2020

Amazing Americans- Rick Byrd- 09/26/2020

He spent 33 years as a college basketball coach and has the 12th most wins in NCAA history. But he might best be known for the unprecedented academic success of his players. Rick Byrd is this week's guest on Amazing Americans.   (42:25)
September 19, 2020

Amazing Americans- Pat Gillis- 09/19/2020

He had the opportunity to turn professional in not one sport, but three. But he turned it all down for the chance to follow his passion and his dream. And in the process, he became America's most inspirational personal trainer. Pat Gillis is the guest this week on Amazing America...   (39:10)
September 12, 2020

Amazing Americans- Jake Olson- 09/12/2020

Unable to hold off retinal cancer any longer, he had both eyes surgically removed at age 12. But being blind would not stop him from living his dream of being a USC Trojan football player. The remarkable Jake Olson joins Jerry Schemmel on Amazing Americans. See   (44:27)
September 5, 2020

Amazing Americans- Scott Masters- 09/06/2020

He spent 20 years in the NHL as a coach and scout and found nothing but success. But the pressure he put on himself to thrive, turned out to be his downfall. And now he spends his days uniquely helping others who made the same mistakes. Scott Masters is Jerry Schemmel's guest thi...   (45:01)
August 30, 2020

Amazing Americans- Megan Blunk- 08/30/2020

She was a bit of rebellious teen, with no clear direction in her life. Until a motorcycle accident, which she barely survived, left her a parapalegic. The same motorcycle accident that led her to become one of the greatest wheelchair basketball players in U.S. history. Megan Blun...   (43:57)
August 23, 2020

Amazing Americans- Jason Romero- 08/23/2020

After being declared legally blind as a 12 year old, he wrestled not only with living in a dark world, but with the mental challenges that came along with it. Then he discovered endurance sports. 15 world records later, he is still at it. Jason Romero is Jerry Schemmel's guest th...   (44:02)
August 16, 2020

Amazing Americans- Dan Jansen- 08/16/2020

He was favored to win an Olympic Gold Medal in speedskating. But on the morning if his race, he found out his sister had passed away from leukemia. He fell in that race and was disqualified. But in his fourth and last Olympics, he finally won that gold medal. Dan Jansen is Jerry ...   (44:31)
August 9, 2020

Amazing Americans- Muffy Davis- 08/09/2020

She was one of America's great young skiers. A talented, up and coming dynamo, poised to be America's next Olympic star until a tragic acciddent made her a parapalygic. But then the comeback began - and ended with a gold medal in a completely different sport. Muffy Davis is Jerry...   (42:54)
August 2, 2020

Amazing Americans- Kent and Bambi Dixey- 08/02/2020

The tragic death of two brothers led to one of the best youth baseball facilities in America. Kent and Bambi Dixey join Jerry Schemmel on Amazing Americans, presented by Colorado Roofing Solutions.   (44:33)
July 26, 2020

Amazing Americans- Sue Reynolds- 07/26/2020

At age sixty, she weighed three-hundred-thirty pounds. Two years and two hundred points later, she’s a triathlon champion. Sue Reynolds joins Jerry Schemmel on Amazing Americans, presented by Colorado Roofing Solutions.   (44:36)
July 19, 2020

Amazing Americans - Al McCoy - 07/19/2020

Imagine having the same job, with the same employer, for 48 straight years. There is an an NBA play-by-play announcer that has done just that. One team. One voice. 48 straight seasons. And he has done it with passion, class and dignity. Phoenix Suns legendary announcer Al McCoy i...   (44:20)
July 12, 2020

Amazing Americans- Major Taylor- 07/12/2020

Many refer to him as the Michael Jordan of his time. He was a cyclist and the very first African American to win a world championship in any sport. He set new fewer than six world cycling records. But perhaps his greatest accomplishment was overcoming relentless racism. Major Tay...   (43:57)
July 5, 2020

Amazing Americans- Clint Hurdle- 07/05/2020

After battling personal demons, the birth of his special-needs daughter changed everything… Former Rockies skipper Clint Hurdle joins Jerry Schemmel this week on Amazing Americans, presented by Colorado Roofing Solutions   (44:04)
June 28, 2020

Amazing Americans- Gage Hecht- 06/28/2020

One of America’s best young cyclists has nowhere to race. Colorado native Gage Hecht joins Jerry Schemmel this week on Amazing Americans, presented by Colorado Roofing Solutions.   (43:57)
June 21, 2020

Amazing Americans- Jim Morris- 06/21/2020

His was one of the greatest comebacks in the history of professional sports. He made his Major League debut at age 35. A hit movie, The Rookie, was made about his story. But the comeback he has made in his personal life since the film might be even more impressive. Jim Morris is ...   (44:37)
June 14, 2020

Amazing Americans- Bryce Weiler- 06/14/2020

He was born blind. But blindness has never stopped him from being a successful athlete and sportscaster. And blindness certainly has not prevented him from helping others with similar challenges. Bryce Weiler is my guest this week on Amazing Americans. See   (44:06)
June 7, 2020

Amazing Americans- Sarah Thomas- 06/07/2020

She is generally considered the best ultra distance swimmer in the world and last year she did something no person, male or female, has ever done. She swam the English Channel... four consecutive times. Plus, she did it all less than two years after a cancer diagnosis. Sarah Thom...   (43:56)
May 31, 2020

Amazing Americans- Dave Burchett- 05/31/2020

He had a long and very successful broadcast production career. Along with collegiate events and the Olympics, he was the TV Director for the Texas Rangers for 37 years. He won multiple Emmys for his work. But today, he is known more for his writing prowess than his broadcasting c...   (44:52)
May 24, 2020

Amazing Americans- Sean Swarner- 05/24/2020

He survived cancer… twice. He underwent numerous surgeries and even had a lung removed. After that he climbed Mount Everest. Colorado’s own Sean Swarner joins Jerry Schemmel this week on Amazing Americans.   (43:59)
May 10, 2020

Amazing Americans- Dave Dravecky- 05/10/2020

He was in the prime of Major League Baseball career when he received the diagnosis: cancer in his pitching arm. He had surgery to remove a tumor and his comeback started. Less than a year later, he was back in the big leagues with a brilliantly pitched game. But what happened nex...   (42:55)
May 3, 2020

Amazing Americans - Craig DeMartino - 05/03/2020

He was a talented, experienced and passionate rock climber until one day in Rocky Mountain National Park, when miscommunication with a climbing partner changed his life. He fell 105 feet and miraculously survived. There were more than a dozen broken bones, including feet and ankl...   (43:23)
April 26, 2020

Amazing Americans - Scott Linebrink - 04/26/2020

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Scott Linebrink joins Jerry Schemmel on this week's edition of Amazing Americans.    (45:20)