Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 5/19/18

Tony Gonzales with Pioneer Sand joins the show LIVE on location for Pioneer Sand's 50th anniversary! Tony tells Terry all about the advantages to using Pioneer sand & checking out the Northglenn facilities today. Training Specialist at the Littleton Office Corrine Service joins the show to talk about hiring & recruiting when it comes to Colorado Parks & Wildlife jobs, and how to apply for some available jobs right now. Also, Ray Reeves of Adventure Camper tells Terry about the sales on Sonoma campers & Viking off-road packages going on right now at Adventure Camper. Park Manager at Rifle Falls & Gap State Park Jenny Ives joins the show to tell Terry all about the outdoor education programs at Rifle Falls. Mark Kite of SUN Powersports joins the show to talk about Harleys and great deals on trucks & ATVs going on at SUN right now.

Published: Saturday, May 19, 2018   |   Runtime: 42:11