Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 10/7/17

Nate Zelinsky joins the show to talk about elk hunting season, and good things to keep in mind as you prepare to hunt elk. Nate expects a separation between the bulls & the cows this weekend, and it might be easier to sneak up on them. Cold fronts in the lower elevations should help hunters, and keep the bulls out of their bed longer. Also, Nate says the cold weather will help the traditional migration hunt. Brad Petersen joins the show to highlight some key topics of discussion when it comes to waterfowl, and gives Terry an update on fishing spots throughout Colorado. Also, Brad talks about when to expect the mallards around Halloween & Thanksgiving, and mentions it's been nice that the weather hasn't yet pushed the local birds out. Doug Kraft of Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about the sight-in clinics coming up for big game, and the upcoming pheasant & waterfowl seasons. Doug mentions they will do a basic overview, and then sit down with you to practice & get sighted in at various distances. Doug is happy to announce Colorado Clays has partnered with Haven Sporting, and talks about perks of the membership. In this week's installment of ASK THE EXPERT, hunting boots go under the microscope & Ellie Stillman helps the listeners decide what features are most important in the modern day hunting boots. Ellie talks about style, price range, temperature ratings, breathability & water resistance.

Published: Saturday, October 07, 2017   |   Runtime: 43:09