Sandy and Shawn | Hour 3 | 04.08.22

Sandy and Shawn kick off Hour Three discussing the Broncos’ offensive line and how it will affect Russell Wilson’s transition to the Mile High City. Shawn points out the impact that Billy Turner could have, not just with his old coach but with a QB with a familiar play style. Robert Walton is bidding for the Broncos and the ownership saga may be ending, Sandy and Shawn discuss the likelihood (certainty) that Walton’s bid succeeds. They discuss the possibility that Walton builds a SoFi-esque stadium for the Broncos and why they better be the ones to pay for it. They take a moment to discuss the disaster season that the Lakers have had and Shawn confronts the ghost of David Stern with the way the NBA is covered nationally.   

Published: Saturday, April 09, 2022   |   Runtime: 46:10