Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 7/1/17

Austin Parr is in studio with Terry to talk fishing the arsenal of ponds up north & structure changes to be aware of. Austin highlights what a jigging rap will do for you at Cherry Creek & Chatfield, and what to do once the fish start pushing off the ridge-lines & humps in shallow water. Also, fishing in a different spot every day & how well hard lures, spoons & blade baits have been working. Aquatic Biologist Eric Gardunio joins the show to talk about the smallmouth bass tournament at Ridgeway State Park, and taking care of the species found at Ridgeway. Eric says it's the right thing to do protecting other species, and he's hoping anglers can help with the issue. Terry asks Eric his favorite fishing spots, like Silverjack Reservoir. Also, Ray Reeves from Adventure Camper checks in with Terry about the huge deals going on right now on high-wheel based campers with lift kits & off-road tires. Kirstin Copeland joins the show to discuss camping & passes at Ridgeway State Park. Terry asks Kirstin where Ridgeway is located, and about the beauty of the area. Terry & Kirstin talk reservations & camping space for the tournament, and Kirstin mentions weekday availability & full hookup sites. Also, the prolific smallmouth population at Ridgeway and why worms are working. Terry & Austin talk about the Johnson Thinfisher, a Pure Fishing Product. Thinfishers are a blade bait offered in 3/16 as well as 1/4 & 1/2 oz. sizes and multiple colors. This incredibly versatile bait is productive in all shad-based lakes across the West. Thinfishers can be worked in a number of different ways, including yo-yo, straight retrieve & vertical jigging. Every species that keys in on shad can be targeted using this bait, and Terry & Austin mention walleye, smallmouth, and crappie as the primary fish that respond to this fantastic product.

Published: Saturday, July 01, 2017   |   Runtime: 41:22