Mile High Magazine 10/21/18 A Future Superhero

Guest: Yuri Williams Yuri is traveling all over the county as Spiderman with Rodney Smith Jr.  The Goal is to reach at least 50 children and 50 homeless, Veterans, Disabled, ill Children in every state to bring awareness and spread compassion and love to the world.  Yuri is doing this on his own time and with the help of donations.  Your donations will be used to help purchase toys for the kids for the 50 states we visit as well as donations for hygiene, food, blankets, and other items for veterans and the homeless. The donations received will also help with hotel stays, gas, car rental, food and any other items we will needed to complete this 50 states mission.     www.gofundme.com/50statestour [email protected] [email protected] Williams  [email protected]   

Published: Monday, October 22, 2018   |   Runtime: 13:53