Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 5/27/17

Nate Zelinsky of Tightline Outdoors joins Terry to talk about his recent tournament, getting the ladies involved & proper credit for being involved in the outdoors, and catching more big fish just by paying attention to detail. Nate says it's the best time of year to catch a lot of fish & try new things. Details make the difference, and it's not always a bad spot, it could be the color, length or material of your line. In ASK THE EXPERT, Terry asks Luke Davidson of Sportsman's Warehouse who really needs a bait caster, and Luke highlights the pros and cons with tips on dedication & proficiency. Luke says bait casters in the $80.00 range at Sportsman's get the job done, the Abu Garcia ProMax is not bad for the money, and inexpensive is a good way to go for practice. Brian Chavet joins Terry to discuss the big news out at Big Thompson, and says the fishing in the upper Big Thompson is the best it's ever been. Terry asks Brian what he likes to do when the rivers start running, and Brian highlights the Poudre River & leaving the waders at home to fish along the bank with big streamers. Ronny Castiglioni joins the show to talk about jig heads & choosing the right one for the job. Ronny says learning to use the jig can be a crucial skill-set, and the shape of a jig head affects motion & action. Ronny tells Terry the standard ball-shaped jig head gives you multiple options, and can be good for avoiding vegetation. Also, what jig to use when dragging your presentation through the rocks, and preferred colors & weights for different jig effects.

Published: Saturday, May 27, 2017   |   Runtime: 40:47