Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 11/4/17

Brad Petersen joins Terry to give an update on fishing at Boyd Lake. Brad says jigging raps are typically what he starts out with, and live bait can fall off when jigging too deep, Terry says. Terry says everyone up & down the Front Range is fishing glide baits in cold water, and Brad says he prefers a flip instead of a cast. Jim Guthrie joins the show to discuss shooting ranges, and plinking with a .22 & putting money into CPW regions. Jim mentions grants specific to non-CPW ranges and how they get their money from tax on ammunition & firearms. Also, Jim explains the requirement  that there's public access in exchange for the grant. Public Programs Coordinator Mary McCormac joins the show to discuss the Georgetown Bighorn Sheep Festival. Mary talks about what it's like to see them clash when the sheep hit their heads together to win a mate, and tells the listeners about the spotting scopes, binoculars & available kids activities. Terry says the state mammal is the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep and Mary says the population is doing well, but wild sheep can't come in contact with domestic disease or it could be devastating. Brad offers up some advice on starting your career in fishing, and going about getting into the industry. Terry says we all find different ways into the industry, and tournament anglers are represented at the workshop, but tournament angling is expensive without sponsors. Sponsors need anglers to move the needle on their product, and Brad mentions being a sales rep to get your foot in the door as well. Also, tournament fishing, guiding and wildlife agencies that can start your outdoors career.

Published: Saturday, November 04, 2017   |   Runtime: 39:43