Mile High Magazine 03/26/20 COVID-19 and The Eating Disorder Foundation

Guest: Part 1 Dr. Mathous Presbyterian St. Luke’s/Colorado Blood Cancer Institute                Part 2 Sabrina Scanga Program Director The Eating Disorder Foundation    Discussed the Corona Covid-19 virus and how it’s effecting the Denver community.  Talked about the importance of hand washing, social distancing and why this is so important.  Also discussed how high risk patients are being affected by this virus.  Patients who are on chemotherapy are urged to discuss coming in for chemotherapy with their doctor, but it’s not recommended to stop treatment.  Discussed incubation periods and how the virus lives on surfaces. https://bloodcancerinstitute.com/ Eating Disorders and people that are currently suffering are being adversely affected by Covid-19.  It’s been difficult for them to get out and get support without in-person groups, going to the grocery store is difficult because some are on a limited meal plan and their food isnt’ available.  Discussed how The Eating Disorder Foundation can help with online therapy sessions and to call if you’re suffering and need support.  https://eatingdisorderfoundation.org/

Published: Thursday, March 26, 2020   |   Runtime: 57:54