Mile High Magazine 08/18/19 Broomfield Communities That Care

Guest: Gabrielle French: Youth for Youth Adviser (Y4Y) with Communities That Care (CTC) and Stargate high school student. Brittany Polinski: A Precious Child Vice President of Programs and Evaluations and Broomfield CTC Community Board Member Jennifer Mackender: Broomfield Communities that Care Coordinator and Public Health Educator with Broomfield Public Health and Environment Broomfield Communities That Care work with positive youth development.  One of the members of our discussion was a high school teenager herself.  She talked about the challenges teens face today and how CTC helps them.  Also a one of the members was with A Precious Child and how they engage young people with their various projects.  Many Communities besides Broomfield have their own Community That Cares projects helping local teens. https://broomfield.org/ctc

Published: Tuesday, August 20, 2019   |   Runtime: 29:45