Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 7/15/17

Will Dykstra joins the show to give Terry a recap of ICAST & talk about the best way to put fish in the boat. Will talks about the advancement in fishing gear simply in the past ten years, and highlights the opportunities to catch more fish with the advancement of technology. Terry mentions to Will the fact that beginner anglers still have a chance to succeed & learn, despite the advancement of fishing technologies & the more complicated fishing landscape. In Terry's ASK THE EXPERT segment, Bob Milner joins the show to discuss knots, and which knot is best for a superline leader. Bob says the double uni knot rarely slips for him, and is relatively easy to tie. Bob says the typical fly angler will use the double surgeon's knot, and he's never lost a fish because of a surgeon's knot. Also, Terry says he's ditched the blood knot, because he doesn't get good strength out of them. Cory Kraft joins the show to talk about Colorado Clays & getting ready for Outdoor Buddies & dove season. Terry mentions the importance of practice, and Cory highlights wobble trap, talking about the bigger target angle & timing, with dove season coming up in September. Terry says shotgun shooting is a perishable skill, and Cory mentions the unpredictability of wobble trap & how much it costs to come shoot at Colorado Clays. In this week's edition of TACKLE TALK, Terry talks about how affordable the Pflueger President Spinning Reel is, and asks Bob Milner what his favorite feature of the reel is. Bob mentions the price of the reel, and says it gets the same job done as reels 3x more expensive do. Bob says his favorite feature is the braid-ready spool, and the rubber strips that act as speed bumps when getting your line on. Terry says the reel is smooth, and asks Bob about the instantaneous anti-reverse for hook-sets.

Published: Saturday, July 15, 2017   |   Runtime: 42:16