Dan Jacobs Show | Hour 3 | 01.22.22

Dan begins the end of the show by giving George Paton some credit, there’s been no leaks! The man keeps his cards close to his chest. Dan asks if we all really know who the front runner in the coaching search is. He reads an articled from our own Cecil Lammey, who believes that this coaching search could be George Paton’s only shot at a long term gig. Dan comes away from the article actually impressed by Paton’s pragmatism. Dan revisits his conversation with Denverfan.com’s James Merilatt where they discussed everything from Dan’s hatred of music, Michael Malone’s efficacy as the Nuggets head coach, the broncos QB situation, and their search for the right skipper. Dan closes out the show by responding to your texts on the Ramos Law text line.

Published: Saturday, January 22, 2022   |   Runtime: 45:57