Dan Jacobs Show | Hour 1 | 03.20,22

Judge Dan Jacobs helps all of us to see that change is inevitable but it takes time, especially when you get multiple generations involved on the Easy like Sunday Morning edition of the Dan Jacobs Show! Denverfan.com's John Davis joins Dan Jacobs to talk all things football! They kick it off by talking about Deshaun Watson to Cleveland and how that could have a long term effect on the NFL. John Davis then goes off on the LV Raiders for their trade to get Davante Adams. They transition into Denver Broncos Football as they discuss everything from free agency to Russell Wilson to who was influenced by Russell Wilson. Speaking of influence, John Davis talks about his next article that'll detail why Bradley Chubb has to take advantage of this opportunity that sits before him right now! The Great Jerry Schemmel joins the Dan Jacobs Show! Jerry and Dan discuss that baseball is back! Jerry talks about how the deal got done and segways into how the CO Rockies got Kris Bryant! Jerry also talks about the excitement of the possible return of Jamal Murray and MPJ to the Nuggets. Jerry then closes things out by showing love to the local schools CSU and UNC!

Published: Sunday, March 20, 2022   |   Runtime: 47:27