Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | Hour 1 | 5.16.20

Steve Pennaz with Lake Commandos joins the show to talk about patterning a new lake. Terry asks Pennaz about going in with a game plan and adjusting multiple lines with repetition while trolling or fishing for salmon. Pennaz says playing with different sizes and colors helps when fish are only nibbling at a bait. Park Manager at Steamboat Lake State Park Julie Arington joins the show to talk about staying bear aware. Julie goes over things to remember like clean cans and bagging up your camp foods. Closed lids and closed latches are important when throwing your things away and Julie says snacks need to be packed away. Species Conservation Coordinator Tina Jackson joins the show to talk about endangered species conservation projects. Tina mentions the meadow jumping mouse and the native bat species being reviewed for additional protections. Mark Kite with SUN Powersports joins the show to talk about the store staying open as well as side-by-sides. Mark says the side-by-side market is phenomenal and highlights some of the hottest selling brands & models that SUN Powersports carries.

Published: Saturday, May 16, 2020   |   Runtime: 42:50