Klahr and Kompany | Hour 1 | 06.05.21

Saturday 8 AM we bask in Nuggets playoff road closeout of Portland with guest co host first hour Jim Armstrong ON 5 STAR DENVER PLUMBER.COM HOLTINE (TAG Line), and look ahead to Suns matchup. Got a fave in Broncos QB competition? Where do you place retiring Coach K on alltime CBB coaches list? 8:15 On @MidWestOne Bank’s Kickin It with Kiz, @markkiszla debates Jim Armstrong and me: How many championships will Avs win in next 5 years? How many will Nuggets win in next 5 years? 8:30 w/ Jim Armstrong I ask former Dodgers GM @DanEvans108 to solve altitude baseball, Rockies road woes. Don’t they have to afford to keep Jon Gray? Who do they build around? MLB is focusing on disciplining pitchers loading baseballs. What is solution to restore MLB balance? 8:45 (Scott MacDonald) @0ffScottFree Avalanche, Eagles writer for ColoradoHockeyNow.com and Jim Armstrong recap results of Game 3 v. VGK. Can explosive Avs, Grubauer, sustain getting out shot like G2, as look at Sunday Game 4. Has Bettman, leadership led to gratuitous, obscene NHL violence?

Published: Saturday, June 05, 2021   |   Runtime: 53:50