Dan Jacobs Show | Hour 1 | 01.22.22

Dan kicks the show off in explosive fashion by ranting about Drew Lock’s performances and the apologists in the fan base. He debunks the excuses and he lays out how his situation is his own fault. Denverfan.com’s James Merilatt hops in to vouch for Van Halen to Music Hating Dan. He explains why he isn’t convinced Michael Malone is the right coach to take this Nuggets core to the promised land. They get into a heated debate about the Broncos history with QB’s, whether they should go with a veteran and if they can draft and develop one. They dive into the coaching search, from the offense vs defense debate to Elway and Ellis’ possible involvement with the coaching search. Dan goes to the text line to gauge reaction to the last segment.

Published: Saturday, January 22, 2022   |   Runtime: 44:52