Chad and Nate | Hour 2 | 03.15.22

Chad and Nate are joined by Denverrfan.com’s James Merilatt to get his takes on the Broncos free agency so far. He likes the signing of DJ Jones, but he thinks that there’s still work to be done. He thinks that the Broncos made the right choice in choosing Russell Wilson over Deshaun Watson. He doesn’t think RT is as high a priority as we think. We get some breaking news that the Broncos have signed Randy Gregory away from the Dallas Cowboys. They look at Russell Wilson’s attempt at playing GM and they debate how much say Russ should have over the team. In today’s edition of Distractions, Nate tackles the topic of culture in the Broncos locker room that players on both sides of the ball need to contribute to.

Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2022   |   Runtime: 40:57