Dan Jacobs Show | Hour 2 | 01.23.22

Hour 2 kicks off on the Dan Jacobs Show with Soren Petro of WHB in Kansas City! Dan and Soren talk BBQ for the Bills vs Chiefs game on Sunday. They then get into what's the pulse of the city in Kansas City for how the Bills vs Chiefs game will turn out. Soren makes sure to let people know that any team can be beat so it's best for Kansas City to treat the Bills as such even though they're at home. Soren takes you behind the scenes as to how the Chiefs can pull out the win on Sunday. Soren also gives his opinion on the Denver Broncos HC search and why Dan Quinn should not be the #1 option on anyone's list! Dan goes on to call out DMac for his Wishy Washy take on QB's and Coaches. He questions why every search must be a "churn them out until a good one comes along" process. He closes things out by responding to text on the Ramos.com Textline on Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan! 

Published: Sunday, January 23, 2022   |   Runtime: 46:48