Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 3/3/18

Nate Zelinsky joins the show to talk about the LIVE Q&A coming up, and what a crazy winter it's been. Nate says the fish are aggressive in shallow water right now, and boat ramps on the Front Range can be a good spot to pull in bait fish. Nate says the areas with an abundance of food typically double up on the population of fish & giant rainbows. Tony Dymek joins the show to talk about the Pheasants Forever banquet & rebound seasons for quail & dove hunting. Tony says over $14 million has been spent on education & programs to educate the youth & outdoors enthusiasts about building habitat. Nichole Imm joins the show to talk about the Lake John facility & how it's been working out for her. Nichole says the bite has been really good after 9:00pm, and also gives an update on Delaney. Ronny Castiglioni joins the show to talk about his Florida trip & what the traveling life is like as an angler. Ronny highlights what lures performed the best in Florida, including the GULP! minnow & PowerBait max-scent flat-nosed minnow. Also, when Boyd is scheduled to open as well as Horsetooth & Carter.

Published: Saturday, March 03, 2018   |   Runtime: 44:14