Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 10/14/17

Darren Christiansen joins the show to say the fishing has been great the last few weeks with 34 being closed. Terry says there are no crowds & it's the best fishing of the year. The guys talk about the brown trout moving out of Estes, and what flys have been working that the shop provides. Also, where to go to book a guide trip on short notice at Kirk's Fly Shop. Renzo DelPiccolo joins the show to talk about the Montrose area & the state wildlife area, as well as fishing & hunting opportunities. Renzo highlights the Cerro Summit & what to keep in mind in the coming months. Also, Ray Reeves joins the show to highlight the huge deals currently going on at Adventure Camper, and the combination of deals on newer, as well as used models of travel trailers & campers. Tina Jackson joins the show to talk about Bat Week & why it's a tough time to see bats LIVE right now. Terry says bats are not dangerous overall, and have important functions. Tina says bats have their own problems to deal with right now, including white-nose syndrome. In this week's TACKLE TALK, Terry mentions the Johnson Johnny Darter & the Berkley Snap Jig. Terry says to check out his Facebook page to get some good ideas on what spoon jigging is about, and why everyone is going to glide-type lures.

Published: Saturday, October 14, 2017   |   Runtime: 42:58