Mile High Magazine 11/24/19 Craig Hospital

Guest: Jordan Ames Communications Director and Melanie Shutt Craig Hospital graduate (former patient) Craig Hospital is a rehab and research hospital committed to spinal cord and brain injuries.  Craig started as a hospital for Tuberculosis in 1907 and evolved into what it is today.  The average age of the typical patient at Craig is a 42 year old male.  Before a patient can come to Craig there is an interview process because of how rigorous the rehabilitation is at Craig.  A recent patient, Melanie, also shares her story from the past year about a brain aneurysm and how Craig was vital to her healing.  Craig Hospital is a non-profit hospital and many of the cutting edge treatments are not covered by insurance which is why they need your donations on Giving Tuesday which is happening December 3rd.  https://craighospital.org/

Published: Monday, November 25, 2019   |   Runtime: 14:11