Dan Jacobs Show | Hour 2 | 02.06.22

Hour 2 of The Dan Jacobs Show kicks off with Denverfan.com's John Davis joining the show! After the breakfast edition of the Dan Jacobs Show, John breaks down the Aaron Rodgers saga! John details why and what it would take to make the Aaron Rodgers to Denver work. John Davis sets the record straight about why Aaron Rodgers didn't succeed as much as he should have in Green Bay. John ends things by telling everyone why Von isn't "another guy" just yet. Dan Jacobs transitions into a full rant about Mike Evans and why people keep believing in Aaron Rodgers as if he's Peyton Manning. Dan closes out the hour by addressing a scotching hot text line on Sports Radio 104.3 The Fan! 

Published: Sunday, February 06, 2022   |   Runtime: 42:32