Klahr & Kompany | Hour 2 | 01.22.22

Mark kicks-off hour 2 with DNVR's Evan Rawal talking all-things Avalanche! Just how far can the Avs go? Plus, should they shoot for the President's Trophy again? WinnersAndWhiners.com's Scott Steehn is up next and you'll love his picks this week! They include a lot of local teams plus his picks for the NFL Divisional Round! BuffStampede.com's Adam Munstertiger is next and he'll break-down the latest Buffs' happenings including what's next for Tad Boyle and co.! To round out the show, MLB.com's Thomas Harding will switch things up and blow your mind by sharing his thoughts on the NHL and the Avs! 

Published: Saturday, January 22, 2022   |   Runtime: 46:48