Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | 03.20.21

Tom Frink the hunting & fishing buyer at JAX Outdoor Gear joins the show to talk about turkey hunting and 3D archery. Alena Shaffer with State Forest State Park joins the show to talk about fishing opportunities at Ranger Lake, the Spring open house and popular bird watching areas in the park. Kristin Cannon, the Deputy Regional Manager with Colorado Parks & Wildlife, joins the show to talk about big game application help resources and access to seminars to help you navigate and apply for a license. JR Pierce with Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about a turkey hunting and snow update. JR mentions maximum range and the key to learning what your combination will do. JR mentions the sequence of events in the field and the importance of routine practice.

Published: Saturday, March 20, 2021   |   Runtime: 43:44