Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | Hour 1 | 10.02.21

Matt Endsley is the master at catching panfish in the fall. The catching is easy, finding the fish is the hard part. 90% of your time is locating brush piles and or structure that the pan fish is hanging in this time of year. That will discuss how you locate the structure in the small bodies of water such as Quincy or Cherry Creek and then he will break down the patterns at how to catch them. Matt is also going to cover the small things that make a difference. Specifically he’s going to cover Rod/Reel/line that he personally uses when fishing reaction patterns like Blade Baits and Jigging Raps. He will also cover his most vital technique of strolling reaction baits which it’s probably the most vital technique for catching fall fish that very few Anglers do you. Senior Ranger Sweitzer Lake State Park talking Duck Hunting at Sweitzer Lake State Park. Aquatic Biologist -Upper South Platte Basin talking brown trout spawn. Darren Christiansen with Kirk's Fly Shop joins the show to talk about fly fishing updates.

Published: Sunday, October 03, 2021   |   Runtime: 47:01