Sandy and Shawn | Hour 2 | 05.13.22

Sandy and Shawn go into Hour Two discussing the good vibrations in Broncos Country after the schedule release. The NFL has a 50 percent rate of turnover across the entire league, they look at the teams that had some of the most change. They look at the Broncos schedule and they think that Russell Wilson needs to be a top 5 QB if the Broncos can get anywhere they want to go. They are joined by our Denver7 Broncos insider Troy Renck to discuss the Jerry Jeudy situation. They also discuss the rookies’ performance in their very first day of minicamp and his impressions of the Broncos after seeing their schedule. They question why there have been so many people who were arguing against Jokic winning the MVP award.

Published: Saturday, May 14, 2022   |   Runtime: 50:17