Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 9/9/17

Will Dykstra of Tightline Outdoor joins the show to talk about hunting & state-wide fishing. Will tells Terry, Chad & the listeners how they can prepare for the best fishing of the season. Will mentions sliding back into a summer or winter pattern, and how you can hook a big rainbow with your first cast early in the morning. Will talks powerfishing with tube jigs, and how to still catch walleye on hard-structure areas. Also, Terry says you must target big fish to catch them, and Will mentions the importance of focusing on being in the woods in the early morning & evening, but not bumping or calling a big bull too much. In this week's ASK THE EXPERT, deer tags for rifle season are discussed. For those new to big-game rifle hunting, Terry & Chad help out with the three or four most important gear items to spend money on. Chad says you must be comfortable & safe in the woods, and don't even consider cotton. Chad says unless you're prone or leaning on a tree, you need something to shoot off of. Mark Cousins of Colorado Clays joins the show to say there is still time to get your guns ready for hunting season. Chad mentions the importance of real-life shooting situations, and Mark mentions how you can practice shooting prone. Also, why shooters need to practice with the same gear & clothing on that they plan to go out into the field & shoot with. Chad LaChance joins the show in studio! Chad tells Terry bottom-fishing is not his strength, but long casts with fly rods are a different story. The guys preach selective harvests, and Chad mentions his women's guide is a true fisherman. The guys talk Alaska, and the great outdoor activities here in Colorado despite the transition period at Horsetooth. Also, Chad mentions the different strategies to get a good shot at big game, including spot & stalk and contacting game from a long way away. The guys talk putting yourself ahead of the animal & chances of hunting success going up with preparation.

Published: Saturday, September 09, 2017   |   Runtime: 44:03