Klahr & Kompany | Hour 2 | 05.14.22

Hour 2 of Klahr & Komapny kicks off with 'Broncos Blast' featuring Play Colorado & The Mile High Report's Ian St. Clair who joins Michael to go over the released Broncos' schedule and assign wins and loses to each game and just how far does optimistic Ian think this team can go? Next is 'Rockies Review' featuring MLB.com's beat writer for the Colorado Rockies who joins Michael to discuss the recent slide & fall for the Rox. Plus, a deeper look into the pitching and how the 2 new guys are doing better than the guys who have pitched for this team the last few seasons. Show-regular Scott Steehn from WinnersAndWhiners.com is next and he joins Michael for our picks of the week and there are a few game-7's in the NHL and as well a couple in the NBA as well, so the guys look at those. Plus, Scott & Michael pick their games of the week after a pretty good showing last week. Rounding out the show is 'Rockin' CU' featuring BuffStampede.com's Adam Munsterteiger who joins Michael to talk more NIL issues affecting the buffs. Also, are the Buffs going to lose RB commit Ramon Jefferson to Tennessee? The guys discuss.

Published: Saturday, May 14, 2022   |   Runtime: 48:48