Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 8/5/17

Austin Parr joins the show to talk about the shallow walleye & different likes & dislikes. Terry says the change seema to be happening slower & Austin says there are currently a ton of bait fish at Cherry Creek. Austin says flood waters are still affecting bait fish years later up north, and the fish are smaller than they are at Cherry Creek. Chatfield is great when you're not trolling, and Terry mentions a shad rap with the big fish bite out at Cherry Creek after boats & jet skis pass by. Also, what to concentrate on fishing from shore & the difficult trout bite on the rivers. Brandon White joins the show to agree with Terry about the amount of big catfish being stocked in Colorado, and how to boost the startup growth & why the channel cats are a great fish for the kids. Terry asks Brandon about the sun fish & Brandon says they're doing really well in Wray. Also, stocking wipers & taking a look at the management philosophies as the reason why the numbers are doing better. Ray Reeves joins the show to mention the great timing with September camping with all the new models coming out & a little less pressure on the inventory. Mary Beth Etheridge joins the show to tell Terry all about the different stations that will be set up next Saturday at Cheyenne Mountain State Park & how to win cool prizes like a new bike. Also, other activities like crafts & face-painting, and the cost of a daily or annual parks pass. Mary Beth says it's a great opportunity to enjoy yourself, and Terry mentions the trails & wildlife watching, as well as the set of archery ranges to practice for hunting season. Darrin Lindsay joins the show to tell Terry he's made servicing the outdoors a passion, and Terry reminds the listeners to stay ready for hunting season. Terry asks Darrin what you can put on your truck & how to find the right topper for hunting dogs & bow hunting ventilation or side access. Darrin mentions the rack on top, and the three brands A&A Toppers carries to meet a variety of needs. Also, Darrin mentions Cap Packs for that extra storage, security & room for high-end shotguns.

Published: Saturday, August 05, 2017   |   Runtime: 41:37