Klahr and Company | Hour 1 | 06.26.21

8:00 Saturday 8 AM Big CFB Show w/ @philsteele042. 3 for guest co-host @markknudson41. -Will crackdown on pitchers restore MLB offense? -2021 Nuggets could/should have won first NBA title? Who among final 4 is better? -Is proposed expansion to 12 team CFP a good thing? Best number? 8:15 @philsteele042 CFB Preview is out. Phil has written that 4 proved to be the right number to determine a national CFP champ. Is 12 an improvement? Bama, Clemson, have won 5 of 7 CFP. What is likelihood we have a first time champ, different Final 4 this year? 8:30 @philsteele042 con’t. w/ @MarkKnudson41 on 2021 prospects: will CU continue to surprise; CSU 2nd yr for Addazio; Veteran AFA D & QBs? How NCAA failure to implement NIL compensation rules for athletes impacts 2021? Free for all? More or less parity? Can NIL be enforeced? 8:45 On @MidWestOne Bank’s Kickin It with Kiz, @markkiszla debates @markknudson41 and me: Would you rather start an NBA franchise with Nikola Jokic or Trae Young?

Published: Saturday, June 26, 2021   |   Runtime: 53:44