Klahr & Komapny | Hour 2 | 05.07.22

Hour 2 kicks-off with "Trackman" Ted Johnson joins Jake Shapiro to talk all things Kentucky Derby and which horse and jockey to keep your eye on. Plus, Ted runs through the list of horses and what their strengths are! Up next is DNVR Nuggets writer Adam Mares who joins Jake Shapiro post-post Nuggets' end of season press conferences as they try to see what this team needs to this offseason to be an actual championship contender. Plus, they go around the rest of the league to see who will make it to the finish. Next is show-regular Scott Steehn from WinnersAndWhiners.com who joins Jake Shapiro discussing all of the games of the week and also so many things to look at to make picks on. Plus, the guys look at the Kentucky Derby to see who will help you win! Rounding out the show is Adam Munsterteiger from BuffStampede.com who joins Jake Shapiro to talk the Buffs' offseason program and ongoing prospects. Plus, what makes for the guys who didn't get drafted in the NFL?

Published: Saturday, May 07, 2022   |   Runtime: 49:09