Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 5/6/17

Austin Parr joins the show to talk fly fishing and give an update on metro & mountain fishing. Targeting with lead-core is discussed, as well as shad-raps & hot pink bait within the 19 to 20-foot range. Austin says the fish moving shallow could happen at any point, and a San Juan worm can work in high-water. Also, Terry asks Austin about getting kids started fishing. Ask The Expert on what gear to start with and the advantages over spinning rods & reels over push-button reels. Terry says to leave your own gear at home, because attention to the junior angler is the most important. River's Edge & locations sun fish, bass & trout to practice are highlighted, and Terry says a quick check of the reports and a bobber & worm is a great setup to start with. JR Pierce of Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about the Cast and Clays event in June. JR highlights the steak lunch at noon, as well as the trash-truck mechanics that have won this event in the past over guys like Nate Zelinsky. Also, acceptable fish in the tournament like catfish & trout, affordable pricing, and the door prizes at Barr Lake for the event. Devin Neuman of Larimer County parks calls in to give an update on conditions, and fishing around the parks. Devin says the reservoir is currently at 95% capacity, & still a bit chilly. Devin says they are into the summer hours, and the daytime fishing near the rock-wall is good for small-mouth bass. Also, terry mentions there is no length limit on walleye at Horsetooth.

Published: Saturday, May 06, 2017   |   Runtime: 41:57