Mile High Magazine 04/12/2020 Big Brothers Big Sisters

Guest – Lance Holly Program Manager – mentor2.0 Big Brothers Big Sisters is one on one mentoring, one adult and one child.  Their goal is to support youth who could use additional adult support or role models.  They have been in Colorado for over 100 years.  A lot of families approach them to get a mentor for their child.  Mentor 2.0 is for high school students. It is their newest program.  It has been around for five years.  It is a form of e-mentoring and combines that with a group gatherings at high schools.  The focus of mentor 2.0 is to develop a plan for after high school.  Right now Mentor 2.0 is their biggest recruitment need right now.  To apply visit their website.  Lance also talked about how Big Brothers Big Sisters is still going strong with the stay at home orders with COVID-19.   biglittlecolorado.org       

Published: Tuesday, April 14, 2020   |   Runtime: 14:59