The Drive | Hour 4 | 11.10.22

Hour 4 of The Drive sets it's sights on what was a crazy night for the Nuggets and how the Nuggets were able to use their tough road to grow last night. Can the Broncos take a page out of thier book? Our Denverfan.com Senior Broncos Writer Andrew Mason joins The Drive. Mase talks about how the Coordinators responded to the bye week and how they're preparing for the Titans. Snarky comments were on display today and Mase details why everyone is so on edge right now. The guys have a debate about what's most important for the ST right now as Stukes appears to be feeling the pressure. Was Justin Fields the best QB of the 2021 draft? Also, a special tribute will take place tonight with the Avs. DMac and Big O give the details. 

Published: Thursday, November 10, 2022   |   Runtime: 41:28