Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 8/26/17

Clayton Chrysler tells Terry pesticide use is the No. 1 factor in the decrease of the bee population. Pollination is key in providing stabilization to the ecosystem, and Clayton distinguishes the difference between a honey bee & a wasp. Clayton says it's good for the environment if we see an increase in bees, and we must be mindful of what we're spraying with pesticides. Nate Zelinsky joins the show to talk about how to sneak within archery range of bulls, and other opportunities for hunters in calling or stalking situations. Nate says sometimes bulls can give you a rush when being stealthy, and it's important to get in the animal's comfort zone without being noticed. Also, there's nothing like the strength of these animals in a fight, don't push the envelope or get too sensitive, and things can get easier as the season goes along. Andy Dean on what baits & lures have been working well, and what's happening with the pike bite. Andy says the final week of education will highlight moose in the area & hunting season. Andy mentions the archery clinic for all ages to get involved with the family, as well as the live bird raptor program, getting to see a live flight presentation with magnificent birds. Also, Ray Reeves joins the show to talk about campers available for Labor Day & why fall is the best time of year to buy a camper. JR Pierce joins the show to say Colorado Clays gives shooters the opportunity to practice what they need to work on the most, as well as learn their strengths & weaknesses. Also, fun facts about dove season, the best dove recipes & how to stay ready for hunting season.

Published: Saturday, August 26, 2017   |   Runtime: 44:15