Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 9/29/18

Greg Felt with Ark Anglers joins the show to talk about an Arkansas River update & how the fish get comfortable when you are. Terry asks Greg about allocated water keeping the flow going through the summer, and Greg says the size of the brown trout has been great now that they've made better use of their calorie intake. Darby Shanks with Jackson Lake State Park joins the show to talk about astronomy at Jackson Lake, and what anglers can do when shad stress & the water cools. Also, Darby talks about the cottonwood trees around the lake & the astronomy event coming up. Darcy Mount with Cheyenne Mountain State Park joins the show to talk about the grand opening of the Dixon Trail, and all the bears & turkeys being spotted in the area. Terry asks Darcy about the winter camping picking up, and Darcy says the Dixon Trail is an amazing hike & a great challenge. Mark Kite with SUN Powersports joins the show to talk hunting & to announce the winner of the SUN Powersports Ice Fishing Trip, Jeff Dewhurst. Terry asks Mark about accessories to add to side-by-sides & ATVs, and winner Jeff Dewhurst joins the show to talk with Terry & Mark.

Published: Saturday, September 29, 2018   |   Runtime: 44:01