Klahr and Company | Hour 1 | 07.03.21

8:00 we celebrate July 4th Holiday weekend with this theme: My Favorite Team. With @SeanKeeler @DPostSports guest co-host, and all star cast across the country we look back at the teams we loved as kids, ones we covered, that made for a life as fans and working in sports 8:15 On our holiday weekend show theme: My Favorite Team [email protected] Bank’s Kickin It with Kiz, @markkiszla speaks about Muhammad Ali. Jim Armstrong the end of the dynasty, Packers ’67, with @SeanKeeler. 8:30 national sports columnist and author @RealDavidIsrael talks about how he learned what it take to be a pro athlete and a championship team watching the 1975-78 Washington Bullets, led by four HOFers Unseld, Hayes, Bing, and Dandridge, march to an NBA Title. 8:45 My Favorite Team: Colorado native @IanStClair @MileHighReport Radio Broncos podcast host, beat writer, and lifelong fan, on that moment he knew the Broncos were going to be Super Bowl Champs.

Published: Saturday, July 03, 2021   |   Runtime: 51:48