Klahr and Company | Hour 1 | 07.17.21

8:00 we take our first look at Tokyo Olympics and NBA Draft. But first 3 questios about 2nd half of MLB and Rockies season to guest host Jim Armstrong, former Denver Post Columnist. About Ohtan, Guerrero, DeGrom. Tatis. AL, NL teams to Beat. 8:15 @MidWestOne Bank’s Kickin It Kiz. Kiz asks before leaving for Tokyo and we debate with guest co-host Jim Armstrong: Should these Olympic Games be happening? And with crazy cost over-runs all too common, is the Olympic movement broken? What’s the future for the Olympic Games? 8:30 @SeanDeveney forbes natl NBA writer, Heavy.com characterizes the talent level of this draft at top, depth? I have never felt less sure about prospects—are NBA teams getting as good a read on prospects who chose NBA G League as college players? The national view on Nuggets roster, free agency retention/acquisition, roster needs and options drafting #26? 8:45 Rock & Co. Rockin CU, w/Jim Armstrong, the voice of the Buffs, Mark Johnson @MJBuffsVoice weighs in on CU QB battle, how FB sets up for summer camp, We predicted it: Mick Cronin’s hire returned UCLA to a likely national title. NIL compensation already causing problem at FL.

Published: Saturday, July 17, 2021   |   Runtime: 53:00