Klahr and Kompany | Hour 2 | 06.12.21

9:00 @psaundersdp @DPostSports joins @SeanKeeler and I to talk Rockies and rebuild. Strategies? Who’s a keeper? Prospect Riley Pint is retiring. Who's responsible for litany of failed high draft picks, pitchers, and the farm system. 9:15 @Argonautliquor Games of Week, We recap Friday's Nuggets-Suns Game 3 with @SeanKeeler, @Adam_Mares @DNVR_Nuggets podcast Suns @Nuggets Game 4. Implications? Are Nuggets back in it? If down 3-0 what can next year, next moves look like…? Roles for different pieces. 9:30 @Argonautliquor GOW part 2, We look at who will be Stanley Cup and NBA playoffs winners. With @SeanKeeler, I ask Scott Steehn, lead Handicapper @WinnersWhiners are Nets unbeatable? Is Islanders’ Barry Trotz best NHL coach? Nuggets game 4 v. Suns. NBA, NHL, MLB Picks of Week. Rockies Marquez @ Reds Miley. 9:45 Rock & Co. Rockin CU, @adamcm777 buffstampede.com, @SeanKeeler on CFP expansion proposal impact on CU, Pac12, CFB. 2020 QB Sam Noyer is in Transfer Portal. Wants to play at highest level, even Pac 12-what are realistic options? Recruiting, Transfer Portal update.

Published: Saturday, June 12, 2021   |   Runtime: 48:12