Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | Hour 2 | 10.24.20

Dustin Sigler with Tightline Outdoors joins the show to talk about pulls vs snaps when working a bait and how to talk advantage of female walleye packing on winter weight. Sigler says jerk baits get overlooked in the fall and he’s looking for trophy fish at Cherry Creek right now. Colton Stults with JAX Outdoor Gear joins the show to talk about ammo and firearms for big game. Colton mentions price ranges depending on what you're looking for, and why the Ruger American rifle is versatile and at a good price point. Terry asks Colton about the selection of elk calls and gear for pheasant hunting. Ronny Castiglioni with Fishful Thinker joins the show to talk about presentations and rod & reel setups for vertical jigging. Ronny mentions adjusting the drag when fish get up near the boat and settling on 12lb. test line with 100 percent fluorocarbon.

Published: Saturday, October 24, 2020   |   Runtime: 44:26