The Drive | Hour 2 | 11.15.22

Hour 2 of The Drive comes in with what was another unforeseen decision by the Broncos today. It definitely left for some head scratching but Derek and DMac make sense of it all. Denverfan.com’s James Merilatt joins The Drive. James talks about what the Broncos moves today mean for the future. James also addresses why accountability has become such a huge issue for the Broncos. When do you make up your mind about where to go from here? When should higher powers step in? Could any of this dysfunction be the reason Dre’Mont Jones isn't fully committed? James hammers this out and more! Also, why are guys so up in arms about Jeff Saturday winning his first game? Coach Bill Cowher weighs in and the guys come to Jeff’s defense. Also, the Eagles go down so do we still believe in them? Denverfan.com’s Avs Analyst Will Petersen joins The Drive. Will talks about the Avs taking a weird turn right now due to injuries. Also, what does a loss to the St. Louis Blues mean for the Avs? Should the Broncos look to take a page out of Coach Bednar’s book when it comes to making his team better? Coach Eviro not the guy next in line in Denver? Derek teases his explanation. 

Published: Wednesday, November 16, 2022   |   Runtime: 43:39