Klahr and Company | Hour 1 | 07.10.21

8:00 It’s our All Star Weekend show. A traditional time to analyze MLB--with guest co-host @MannyOnMLB @Statcast research, @MLB.com we start with the Rockies: To build a playoff team whom in each position group (OF, INF, C, SP, RP) is a keeper? Who falls short? 8:15 @MidWestOne Bank’s Kickin It (without) Kiz, we debate with @SeanKeeler and guest co-host @MannyOnMLB. At All Star Break the MLB playoff teams may already be set. But what is the best division in baseball: AL East, NL West or? 8:30 No comparison. Baseball’s All Star Game is greatest and really only meaningful one in USA sports. We ask John Thorn @thorn_john, MLB Official Historian, @MannyOnMLB: Rank top 3 in historical impact, and sheer best games. What is significance of 2021 ASG in Denver? 8:45 We focus on Sunday's MLB draft from Denver with @jimcallisMLB, senior writer MLB.com, @MannyOnMLB: Not unusual SS, SP at top: Differentiate top 3 of each. Who's future Tatis, Kershaw, Trout? The Ideal and most likely choice by Rockies at #8?

Published: Saturday, July 10, 2021   |   Runtime: 53:23