Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 12/2/17

Nate Zelinsky of Tightline Outdoors joins the show to give an update on the Saint Paul ice show. Nate & Terry laugh about moments at altitude when you think it might all be over, and Nate mentions how close we are to having great ice conditions. Also, Nate talks about the ice fishing tournament schedule and all the advancements with products on display at the Saint Paul ice show. Randy Ford of Alpine Fishing Adventures joins the show to talk about fishing Dillon reservoir. Randy talks about the interesting developments after the stocking effort with Arctic char from 2007 to 2014. Cory Kraft of Colorado Clays joins the show to talk about their upcoming Christmas parties, heated facilities, and gift cards. Terry says it's getting hard to find outdoor places to shoot as it gets cold, and Cory talks about the advantages to Colorado Clays rifle & pistol ranges & heated canopies  Brad Petersen joins the show with a goose hunting update. Brad says it's been one of the best early goose seasons in recent memory, Brad says there is an afternoon flight, and highlights times that can be phenomenal or disappointing. Also, Terry asks how many decoys a hunter should use, and Brad mentions how to make your spread look realistic.

Published: Saturday, December 02, 2017   |   Runtime: 42:03