Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 5/20/17

Ted Drysdale, Sales Manager at Lazydays RV joins Terry to talk about all the quality amenities with their RV's and all the light weight products suggested by recent customers. Ted highlights the fun of RV'ing, and Terry says it can be even cheaper than going from hotel to motel when visiting over 40 state parks. Lazydays is a full-service dealer, the largest one in the Denver area, and offers a 'rent before you buy' option to find what works for you. Grant Brown, Boating Safety Program Manager joins Terry to talk about things you need when out on the water, like a fire extinguisher if you have a motorized gas tank. Grant highlights the diligence needed when wearing a life vest, especially when death is a real possibility. How to find the proper fit on life vests, and when they are Coast Guard appropriate. Also, Terry touches on boat ramp etiquette, and Grant warns boaters about the upcoming saturation patrol with Operation Dry Water. Doug Pachelli of Lake Pueblo State Park joins Terry to talk about Lake Pueblo & what fish are biting right now, including catfish & trout. Doug says Pueblo is a smorgasbord for fishing right now, and also has a tremendous amount of camping opportunities now with upgraded electrical services. Biking & hiking trails are available, as well as bird-watching, and Doug mentions the shore fishing opportunities in the North wildlife area. Also, high water helps with good sized bass & crappie, and Doug says 15" crappie & state record blue catfish are not uncommon. With such a diverse park, you never know what's going to be at the end of the line at Pueblo. Terry highlights the Berkley power tube & ways to rig it, including what to do for an active presentation & the varieties of tubes to include in your tackle box. Terry prefers white and pumpkin colors, and 3 1/2 & 2 1/2" tubes. Terry mentions the presentation will fall faster with a heavy jig, and what to expect if you're dragging along the bottom. Also, how long a typical package lasts, success rate catching trout, and average cost.

Published: Saturday, May 20, 2017   |   Runtime: 40:45