Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 1: 6/24/17

Fishing Guide Austin Parr joins the show to give a fly fishing update. Austin says he's currently looking for mid-size fish & he's seen close to 24" fish at Barr Lake. Terry asks Austin about shad raps & flicker shads on open water, and Austin gushes about Antero Reservoir & how well leaches & tube jigs have been working out there. Also, strike indicators & being patient at the boat ramps. Boating Safety Program Manager Tim Zant joins the show to talk about Operation Dry Water. Tim touches on personal flotation devices for those under 13 years old, and Terry says anglers think they can react in certain situations, but can't. The guys discuss boating while impaired, and how one drink on the water can be like three on land. Also, tickets & fines and how to make sure you're being respectful at the ramps & on the water. Also, Ray Reeves from Adventure Camper checks in to tell Terry we are in the heart of peak season & the importance of getting a reservation in right away. Ray says they currently carry small to large pop-ups, as well as travel trailers & 24' ones to rent. Terry asks Ray about the SUV's for rent & the 5-night minimum until Labor Day on rentals. Species Conservation Manager Kathy Griffin joins the show to talk about grouse. Kathy says the entire population of the Gunnison grouse is in the SW portion of the state, and the Greater-sage grouse are in the NW and could have their areas reduced if they become endangered. Also, Terry asks Kathy the best time & place to see the males get out & dance in the spring to attract females.

Published: Saturday, June 24, 2017   |   Runtime: 39:52