Klahr & Kompany | Hour 2 | 12.25.21

Hour 2 of the Klahr & Kompany's annual award/Christmas show begins with "Broncos' Blast" with the Denver Post's Ryan O'Halloran, as he'll add to the Broncos' end-of-the-year awards case by selecting his Person and team of the year! Plus, predictions for the matchup with the Raiders! Up next is Adam Mares, Nuggets' insider from DNVR as he and the guys will select their Nuggets sports story, plus Adam's person and team of the year! Show-staple Scott Steehn from WinnersAndWhiners.com is up next as part of the 'Games of the Week Pt. 2' giving you his story, person and team of the year! Plus, his predictions of bowl game and Broncos/Raiders! Rounding out the Awards/Christmas show is Adam Munsterteiger from BuffStampede.com in this 'Rockin' CU' segment as Adam gives you his CU story, person and team of the year and the rest of his 2021 awards!  

Published: Saturday, December 25, 2021   |   Runtime: 55:52