Terry Wickstrom Outdoors Hour 2: 7/29/17

Nate Zelinsky joins the show to talk about the effort put into scouting, and the variation of shots when it’s raining heavily. Nate focuses on hunting for pronghorn & mule deer, and holding true through a long cycle of movement. Nate says lay on your back & draw your bow, do a sit-up & make sure you can take that shot. Nate says your first shot is everything as a hunter, and make sure you practice in uncomfortable situations. Terry says you don't get a mulligan, and Net gives a fishing update on fall patterns. Austin Parr calls in for ASK THE EXPERT on spotting & catching smallmouth bass. Austin says it's about trial & error & changing your angle. Terry & Austin agree popping cork gets some attention & looking for the proper structure is the most important thing. Austin says rock-face transition lines are where fish focus in, and you can do wonders with an opportunistic tube & jig over top of the rocks. Also, why losing jigs & tubes is part of the deal. Terry agrees with Doug Kraft of Colorado Clays, don't get ready for hunting season, stay ready. Doug tells the listeners plan on going more than once to the range, and highlights what comes with practice. Skeet shooting is the best for the speed & angles of dove hunting, and Doug offers tips  on keeping your heart rate down & staying comfortable. Also, shooting from virtually any position & wearing the proper clothes for hunting. Matt Jimenez joins the show to tell Terry the Hopper Dropper has been key in hitting deeper pools. Matt gives an update for North Park, and helps anglers struggling with what nymph to put on. Matt says there's been a lot of bug activity so just plop it on the water. Also, Matt highlights a leader designed for lake fishing with a slip indicator, and how to keep fish in the strike zone during the dog days of summer.

Published: Saturday, July 29, 2017   |   Runtime: 41:43