Dan Jacobs Show | Hour 1 | 02.05.22

Dan kicks the show talking all things from twitter to his brand new puppy kicking him out of court. He is joined by Denverfan.com’s James Merilatt to give him the business for being a Randy Marsh-esque sports dad. He’s a fan of the coaching staff that Nathaniel Hackett is putting together. They lay out the merits of tanking in the NFL and why the win no-matter-what mentality could actually hurt a team. He thinks that hiring more minority assistant coaches in the NFL instead of retreads will help the minority head coaching issue. He gives his impressions of the changing story behind Brian Flores’ interview and he thinks the fact that the story keeps changing casts doubt on it. He gives his thoughts on John Elway’s reputation and chances at being a part of ownership after being named in the Flores suit.

Published: Saturday, February 05, 2022   |   Runtime: 45:42