Mile High Magazine 06/17/18

Murphy Huston – Vail Veterans how they are helping Vets and their families recover both physically and mentally with the effects of war – Becca Aliber Director of Programs Vail Veterans Program and Army Sgt. Matthew Spang Adam Morgan – Part 1: With the number of older adults driving increasing exponentially, the CDOT program ROAD(Reaching Older Adult Drivers) and Car-Fit are in place to keep them driving safer and longer.  - Sylvia Cordy of ROAD and Rey Erickson of Car-Fit and Porter Hospital Melissa Moore – Denver Active 20-30 are men in their 20-30’s who are committed to raising money for Children’s charities in Denver.  - Anthony Albanese President and David Hite- Grant Review Chair

Published: Tuesday, June 19, 2018   |   Runtime: 59:49