Terry Wickstrom Outdoors | Hour 1 | 1.11.20

Ralph Crystal with Gone Fishin Lodge joins the show to talk about what to look for when buying a fishing trip and to talk about his lodge in Alaska and catching king salmon. Deputy Regional Manager for the Northeast Region Kristin Canon joins the show to talk about ethical wildlife viewing and feeding regulations, how close to get with dogs and selfies and how dangerous moose can be. Administrative Assistant with Cheyenne Mountain State Park Jeanette Lara joins the show to talk about the Winter Hike Preparedness Teen Program and getting out in the field with radio collaring equipment to see how it is used. Shane Menter with SUN Powersports joins the show to talk about ISE show specials including the camo Ranger and why support has allowed for the best pricing and deals at SUN Powersports.

Published: Saturday, January 11, 2020   |   Runtime: 46:20